Desk Dough® Beam
is here!

first of its kind
100% digital
lighting fixture!
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What is Desk Dough® Beam?

Desk Dough® Beam is the first of its kind
100% digital lighting fixture!

Desk Dough® Beam turns any digital projector into a stunning beam machine! It’s the missing brick (or brain) between your lighting desk and your digital projector.

A combination of Austrian-made hardware and German-manufactured software in a solid aluminum casing of superior quality. Ready to shine bright and illuminate whatever your project may be. The product itself is milled out of a solid aluminum block which is cooled directly over the body to survive a naturally misty environment.

Quality Brightness Heat Beam

How does DDB work?

DDB is compatible with any digital projector of your choice to create a limitless array of dazzling beams.

It´s the all-around “BeamMachine”! DDB is more organically flexible and full of movement, colors, light and shapes than you have ever imagined in your wildest “beam-dreams”. All the necessary in/output connectors come already-built-in. Cue control as simple as with any other fixture.

all your
favorite gobos

What can you do with DDB?

Just imagine if all of your favorite gobos were available all the time!

Desk Dough® Beam enables you to create and control lighting beams in completely new ways. You can do it hard, you can do it soft; you can even create multiple-beam outputs, at the same time, coming from just one light source - individually controlled.

Think of lighting up your artist with a single, static beam, while at the very same time running fascinating mid-air effects out of the same fixture! You can control each beam-parameter precisely to your needs.

It´s an almost synesthesian experience as you begin to become one with the product itself, creating beam-fx that tailor-fit the audio you’re listening to. Brightness, size, tempo, smoothness, movement, amount, colour, deformation, direction, you name it! YOU control it.


Why choose DDB?

Because we love beams! We love them passionately with all of our hearts, and we-as-a-team have combined not only our love for them, but also our individual strengths and expertise to deliver to you the absolutely-peerless beams that you deserve.

We love Beams
you love
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    Because you own the projectors already!

  • /file_data/flextemp/images/41pldquomoveinblackrdq_1_4.svg

    Because “move in black” is soooo 80’s.

  • /file_data/flextemp/images/41pwithddb-ldquosharp-f_1_4.svg

    Because with DDB, “sharp-frosted” becomes a true oxymoron.

  • /file_data/flextemp/images/41pyoudontneedgaffatap_1_4.svg

    Because you don`t need gaffa tape to label each DDB, the display even keeps its information after prepping without power connected (no batteries in system at all!)

  • /file_data/flextemp/images/41pprismduplicationandra_1_4.svg

    Because prism duplication and randomization is freaking awesome.

  • /file_data/flextemp/images/41pyouwannamakesurethat_1_4.svg

    Because you wanna make sure that your kick-ass show is perfectly consistent, no matter where it is performed all over this big, beautiful world. No need to clone lighting fixtures that don´t match functions, just order your set of light sources to define brightness and lens. Keep those damned lumen-throwers attuned to your needs and you´re all set.

Give our DDB`s, built with love to the Beam a new Home.

How and where
is it possible to
run DDB?

First of all, it´s controlled in exactly the same way as any other show-lighting fixture!

For the most favorite lighting desks, Stops & Mops provides you with all necessary library files. Each Desk Dough® Beam Brick offers you three individually-controlled lighting layers, plus a master-output which is used for general fx and function settings. Desk Dough® Beam operates, like any motorized fixture, over DMX. Your DDB will naturally and seamlessly integrate into any show-lighting environment, whether it be Rock&Roll, TV, Corporate, Theatre, Musical, Club or Arena.

How and where is it possible to run DDB?

Are you excited yet?

We´re so glad that all our love and passion for lighting that we invested into this vision made sense in your creative eyes, too!

We are ready. Are you too?

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Your questions - our answers


    What do I need to run DDB?

    A digital projector. A brave, limitless mind to beam just as full-on or soft as you so desire. Haze or smoke to create mid air effects, it doesn´t need to be purple. A lighting desk if you own one, and, if not, don´t worry, Desk Dough® Beam won´t let you down: thanks to the “BeamMachine”, it can run independently or locked to music.

    Does DDB only create Beams?

    That´s completely up to you - almost unbelievable but true, if you turn the projector…

    How do I set up a DDB?

    Set “Start Address” and protocol, attach Projector and Desk. Done.

    Which protocols does DDB feature?

    Artnet and sACN

    Which connectors are provided in a DDB?

    Power, USB (for updates/various other reasons), HDMI (Beam), Ethernet (Artnet/Control), and Audio Input.

    Should I get rid of all of my other lighting fixtures while using DDB?

    You don`t have to, (we know you love ´em). Just because our product is capable of so much certainly does not mean that anyone needs to “run a kitchen with only one ingredient in it”. Do your (beautiful) thing, like always!

    Can I simulate DDB?

    of course! you can visualize the Desk Dough® in depence2 by syncronorm

    1.) send an email to with the subject depence2

    2.) you will receive the link and the password for the protected download

    3.) download the DeskDough4depence plugin - unzip the file - execute the installer

    Now you are ready visualizing the output of up to 16 Desk Dough® Beam.

    If you need some help how to use a Desk Dough® in depence2 follow this link:


    How and where can I mount a DDB?

    There are several mounting options available, with various mounting plate adapters to fit your needs; for example, a clamp for truss-attachment (including safety wire, a wall mount plate, and also power-rail mounting.

    When will Desk Dough® Beam be available?

    You can order right now!

    Say “YES!” to the Beams of Your Dreams!